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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.....who knows what??

Posted by @lmarinda in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Nov 3, 2012

Hi, I new here and just trying to find more info. about Hashimoto's from real people! Just by chance, it was learned from a CT scan of my lungs/chest that I had "something" in my neck. The "something" in my right lung was gone & that was good news! I had ultrascan of my neck, saw an E&T dr. but he wouldn't do needle biopsy due to size. So, I had to have a needle guided biopsy at the hospital. Seemed to go on forever & was painful. Apparently a nerve (or nerves) were being hit and unreal pains shot from the base of my tongue to my left ear. The charming dr. kept telling me to stay still! Well, that' was impossible with the nerve pains! (Just like at the dentist & having a root canal with nerve pains!). Of course, the charming doctor told me he was sorry...but that sure didn't help me any. Later I learned the "nerve" deal has never happened with those dr's while doing the procedure! (Only God knows why I'm so weird!)
At long last the drs. get whatever was needed. The report comes back I have a nodule in my thyroid (that will be re-scaned in 6 mos.). Bless chick am I!! NO CANCER!! Hashimoto's Thyroiditis "whatever" sounded great!
Just had an app't with an Endocrinologist this week. Didn't learn anything about H.T. , as the dr. ask me what I knew about it??!! The only info. I had was info. my husband had gotten off the web., but not Mayo site. I was put on low dose of Snythyroid & labs will be done again in 6wks. (I went armed with my current labs, x-ray ,Ultrascan CD & Biopsy report. ) I look forward to feeling better & always want to look better! I was told it will take at least 6 mos. for the Rx to help & get into my system. I have had aches and pains, weirdness, plus many viral chest illnesses for many, many years. One scary dr. threw my file across the room when once again I had chronic bronchitis! He also had me see a "head doc"!! I was a young chick in my 20's then & it just thrilled my soul when the "head doc" told him I was in pain, not off in the head!! After crying all the way home after he threw my file, I never saw him again! I knew I deserved better treatment! With God's help, I did have for a wonderful dr. for 20+ years. (He retired at age 70)He learned me and believed me! He was always a great help with viral walking pnuemonia even though nothing could be heard in my lungs. He wouldn't wait until I was the semi-dead person like the scary dr! The pnuemonia would show up on X-ray, but for some reason I would be sick for longer than the norm. I do have many food, drugs allergys...even the sun. Was told I had some type of connective tissue problem, like lupus. Steroids were the treatment choice & I can't take those. So, now I'm wondering if some of my problems from the past has anything to do with "Hashimoto's". When I ask the Endocrinolosit how long I could have had H.T's.......20yrs. or more!! I was a healthy child growning up, but was easy to catch stuff from my brother when he started school. (He's one yr. older). At age 16 I had mono and was very sick, even had to spend over a week in the hospital. But just weeks before that visit I had to have my T&A's out for the 2nd time! So, I wasn't in great shape anyway. After mono I never won any health contests or beauty contests !! Started 11 th gd. weighing 89 lbs & was 5ft 7in!! Gainned up to 100lbs, in the 12th gd. & modeled on Davidson's-Paxon's Teen Board. That was such a plus for me, as the 11th & 12th gds. were hard for me. My parents seperated and the divorce went on for my 11th &12th gds. This was in the 60's and back then nobody had divorced parents! Broke my heart, as I loved them both dearly. I had a wonderful Mother and a wonderful Daddy, but apparently not together. But I wouldn't trade my journey for anything, as now I know it's made me what I am today! Didn't even know about the "runaway bride" back in the 60's,! Talking about marriage, when Mr. Right came into my life I didn't want to make a mistake. We dated a year and was engaged for a year! Back then people thought I was nuts with such a long engagement! He's a keeper and yes, I'm blessed! But then I'm not a loser! Ha! Soon will be our 50th! And you know what.....I would marry the hard-headed, middle child all over again....if he ask! When it's "pine-box time" for me, I'm taking him out with me in a dobule wide! (Box of course!)
Sorrry I got on such a roll, hope you are still awake! With my former ACS volunteer work I was known as the "mouth of the south"!
To all those suffering out there, find a smart doctor but who is still a real person ! I don't think most doctors understand "our pains" until they get sick themselves!! Keep your faith, stay strong and hang in there. Who knows, tomorrow may be your new day! God bless us all! Happy trails until we talk again! ps: I'm holding off running away to join the circus, as tomorrow I might be able to climb every other mountain! The leaves are alive in the North Georgia mountains!:) psps: Looking forward to hearing from those that have "Hashimoto's" or have knowledge of same.Many thanks!! pspspsp: Almost forgot, I do have some great news!My heart doc thinks I can get off my heart Rx once my thyroid Rx kicks in and does it's job!!! Yee-Haw!!! (Have mur-mur, left branch bundle, MVP & irregular heart beat, but not crazy!)

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