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Hashimotos and psos need answers

Posted by @bulldog01, Jun 24, 2012

Hi I am 37 years old just diagnosed with hashimotos ans policystic ovary disease
after 3 years of wrong diagnosis, Been getting treated for 6 months now and am seeing very little results, when am I going to start feeling like myself again! I put on 70 lbs in a year, (normally athletic) depressed, sleep apnea, tired all the time!!! Extreme sweating, acne never had before having kids, forgetfullness, bad at keeping schedules, lack of energy to do the simpilest task (like climbing a mountain) And very little sex drive, (not cool in the husband department!) anyone else feeling like this and what do you take or do to keep going?



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Posted by @oompaa, Jul 13, 2012

I have not received any diagnosis at this point but I understand the symptoms. It’s getting really frustrating. Pressure in head through sinus cavity but ct scans all come up fine and no one wants to go to MRI at this point. Random mysterious smell that’s not there that hits me probably a good ten times each day. No motivation always tired overheat and sweating cycle off headaches breast soreness gained 100 lbs due to psych meds and finally off most of them and at one point sent to a nutritionist only to gain each visit like waking up meant gaining 5 lbs then lost 50. Randomly born month premature and have nerve damage from birth only in rt ear that I now have a hearing aid at 34 yrs old. Lazy left eye with significant vision loss but doc says glasses won’t help and more for show cause my other eye overcompensated and I really don’t use the left eye. Lots of pain in my back and muscles and sinus pressure and told they were inflamed and told it was allergies. Didn’t buy it. After sinus ct scan came back all normal doc did cardio blood work and hormone check up all came back fine. I also have narcolepsy and sleep cycle changes, random awakenings, and deep sleep are all red flags but no one ell give me the time of day. Oh and thyroid ultrasound normal as well as head ct scan. I have narcolepsy but clearly do not have sleep apnea or restless leg and oxygen levels are fine. Then two weeks ago ended up in the er with kidney stones. It’s like I’m screaming out and everyone is just saying chill out. Hubby was fine that I wasn’t functional with kidney stone but it’s like I can’t do things around the house he says I’m angry and complains about my not providing sexually. I’m just ready to scream honestly. Neurologist for the first time today though. I don’t know. Hope and a prayer is all I have. But not hearing and how intense symptoms can be are extremely frustrating. How many times I have been told diet and exercise and I just know there is more to it. I’m not a big eater and I do get some exercise as much as I can. I just wanted you to know while not the same… Your not alone in all of this.


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Posted by @jessmadmase, Aug 20, 2012

I have a lot of these same symptoms. I’m 33 and have a pacemaker! I’m consulting with a Dr. In Florida. Check out this web site they are pretty sure this is what I have! I’m so over all this I just want to give up but I hope I have finally found the answer. Goodluck .

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