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Lake Michigan

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hashimotos and high liver enzymes

Posted by @lakemichigan1, Aug 20, 2012

Hi, Has anyone gone to Mayo’s or somewhere else where they were helped with this condition?

I’ve done the basics where I’m diagnosed, on armour thyroid, gave up gluten, eat very little dairy, and sleep more. I was hypo and then went over to hyper. Probably on too high of a dose. My liver numbers which were always fine, soared. My temperature was near a hundred for about 2 months. They have been taken me off armour and taken blood tests/ran my numbers every two weeks. They are going down minutely. two months later and my temp is 99.4. I do feel a bit better as i am not shaking as much. I do wonder if there is something else.
If anyone has been thrilled with Mayos or anywhere else, I’d love to know. Will travel anywhere.


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