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Has anyone taken the drug Diff ic id ?

Posted by @hopefully, Aug 23, 2012

I am starting on my 5th infection with c diff. Now my doctor is wanting me to start a new medication. It is so new we have to wait 24 hours to get it and it is 3,000. I would like to talk to someone that has had some information. Hopeful



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Posted by @anon77906882, Oct 11, 2012

Dear Hopefully,
My Father had C-diff infections four times in the hospital after surgeries. One of his friend’s wife told him (and us family who were in the Hospital room) that one product cured her of C-diff. The product was Golden Health Products, Inc., “Flora Probiotic Plus” which have Super Potency Probiotic Cultures with 22 Billion Viable Cells–15 Probiotic Strains. The Company’s phone number is 1-800-780-1198. Their website is We ordered these for our Father and told his Doctors and RNs that we/he wanted this Probiotic supplement added to his daily medications…they agreed but gave them to him hours away from their C-diff Medications. Within less than a week….our Dad started feeling better and was able to beat the awful C-diff infection. He continued to take them every day after being released from the Hospital to continue to build back up his intestinal fortitude/strength (after so many high doses of antibiotics given) and never has had C-diff again. I am not associated with the company in any way nor is my Father or Family. I just know we were all so grateful to God and the person who told us about it so it could bring relief to our Father. I hope it will help you too. You will be in my prayers. Hoping you will be feeling much better very soon! God bless you.
Nancy in Nebraska

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