Has anyone suffered or heard of gastroparesis?

Posted by hgarm @hgarm, Fri, Jan 25 10:58am

I know you are never supposed to Google your symptoms but because the doctors don't seem to know what's going on with me I figured I should give it a try. After googling my symptoms gastroparesis popped up saying that my symptoms resemble it. Seeing as the symptoms online seem very vague I was hoping someone who Has it or is suffering from it could tell me their symptoms? I am currently dealing with severe stomach pains when eating, diahrea that seems so be slime like and yellow, a feeling like something is stuck in my throat by my chest and feeling like I'm going to vomit it up. Some days are way worse than others but right now I can't eat and it's caused me to loose over 22 pounds in a month. What were your symptoms before you got diagnosed?


Discomfort in upper abdomen which is very hard to explain. Not pain really, more like a heavy, uncomfortable feeling. Realized later on, it was probably bloating that I was experiencing. I lost weight because I was so anxious about not knowing what was wrong, and when I had episodes of discomfort/bloating, I stopped eating. My GP was diagnosed with the gold-standard test, Gastric Emptying. That was 2 years ago. I'll be happy to answer any questions. I felt very alone in my journey to self-help. There is no cure for GP and no explanation for mine. It's a "motility" issue possibly caused by damage to the Vagus nerve. Your stomach does not empty in a timely way, allowing food to sit and rot, and also resulting in early satiety. I recently joined a GP group that you may find helpful: Inspire.com Good Luck.

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I have that also. My diagnosed as FuntionalDyspepsia. I take Celexa for anxiety and a over the counter drug called FDguard capsules. You can only get these capsules at Walgreens CVS , or on Amozon .com I sometimes take a gas x or tumns. I was on other men's but with the FDguard and Celexa I am almost 90% now


I use FDguard also and it is helpful. The best price for FDguard I've found is on Amazon. Recently read about Bacilus Coagulans and it has been the most helpful. I take it after a meal. I got it on Amazon also: Schiff Digestive Advantage "Intensive Bowel Support". There is more than one "Digestive Advantage", but one "Intensive Bowel Support." So make sure it has their proprietary "BC30 Probiotic."

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