Has anyone lost time?

Posted by m @mh10, Jun 2 2:56pm

I’m about 16 months in and last week I lost time, my memory for the 5 days prior. All I do remember is sleeping poorly but can’t remember any of the days whatsoever.

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I’m always lost with time. I use to be a busy body and great multitasker. Now I’ll look at the clocks and its hrs later. I also can never remember if I did something hrs ago, yesterday, or days before. Also looking several times to see what day it is. And I can never remember if I told you something or I didn’t bc my mind has tried to remind me so many times by that time, I don’t know if I told you or I’m just trying to remember to tell you. Sometimes I’ll tell you and you’ll say I have already told you that five times today and to me it feels like the first time.


M, Yes, actually my very first Covid symptom in early 2020 was Amnesia. I woke up at a friend’s house in a different city. I was looking forward to the day, but had one nagging question - how did we get there - did we drive or fly? When I asked my travel partner, he told me we drove; we had been on a road trip for an entire week, and I had forgotten the ENTIRE road trip - about 5 days gone. Other Covid symptoms came and went over time. Over the next few years there 2 or 3 other times when I blanked completely. Then in June 2023, I had a Tonic-Clonic / Grand Mal seizure and was admitted to the hospital where I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. It had been developing since my initial Covid infection, and took 3 years to become severe enough to trigger a major seizure. I now have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, which is hard to treat. Epilepsy also is related to sleep - your brain needs sleep and rest. I hope this is not the case, but something worth looking into and ruling out. At very least, ask your doc for medication that will help you get a good night’s sleep. We all operate better on a good nights sleep!

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