Has anyone heard of Electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

Posted by mikaylar @mikaylar, Sep 4, 2023

It's exposure to WiFi, routers, cell phones, microwaves. I have a daily persistent headache for 4 years. Looking for answers. Spinal taps, nerve blocks and blood patches have not worked.

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I have heard of it and seem to recall a program about it some years ago. I just did a quick google search and quite a few articles popped up. This must be a very difficult thing to get away from, wifi and microwave signals. If I remember correctly, the woman suffering from the sensitivity had to move out to the country. Let me see if I can find that program.


I'm pretty sure it was Diane Schou who is in this article.
Apparently the best relief is getting away from the signsls. I'm sorry.


This is a bit tough, but my understanding is that no scientific basis for this and it is not a recognized medical diagnosis for the frequencies and power used in wireless transmission, however more studies are being conducted because many people have symptoms which are unexplainable.

There are frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum that can be dangerous if not managed properly - probably the most common is visible light which can cause sunburn. X-rays are part of the EM spectrum as well as common electricity in our homes and radio/TV broadcasting.

I appreciate your frustration in dealing with a medical issue that you can't get a handle on. Headaches are among the worst to figure out.

I too have chronic headaches and have had for years - after much messing around including meds and diet, it appears mine are related to degenerating disks in my neck. Do lots of stretching/exercises and a keep constant emphasis on posture to help with that.

All the best to you in your search for a cure.


Interesting. Thank you.

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