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Has anyone heard of "BACTERIA OVERGROWTH" after gastric bypass surgery??

Posted by @meeha, Jan 15, 2012

I would love talking with you…..
I am going to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota on the 23rd.
I have SEVERE foul smelling farts & bowels!!! (I could clear a football stadium!)
Just started lower abdominal cramping, short & long term memory loss.
Now recently; low platelet count (bruising & bleeding gums).
I have noticed: hair loss, diarrhea (explosive at times), and unexplained weight loss.
Was diagnosed IBS ( took Prevacid, Tums, omeprazole) and none of them worked!

Oh yeah! I am a Manic Bipolar on top of everything and this is really messing with my life and job performance.


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