Has anyone had significant Dry Eye/Blepharospasm?

Posted by gmmn10 @gmmn10, Aug 10 7:35am

I am relatively newly diagnosed as of last fall, have had what I thought was dry eye from before my diagnosis. As time has gone on things have gotten worse. I have visited two different Optometrists and been told it is dry eye. One mentioned that my meds could be part of the problem, so I thought I would ween down on my CL and see if that helped, unfortunately things got much worse. I have since gone back up on my CL and am back to where I was before. That being having problems mostly while driving, not so much during everyday work activities. I have read a lot about Blepharospasm, and it sounds very much like what I have going on. I am just curious if anyone else has had these problems and who they saw for help? Who would have thought tht my eyes would be my biggest problem.

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