Has anyone had luck with brain fog treatment with Dr Teitlebaum?

Posted by czechmate @czechmate, Sep 29, 2018

Has anyone had success with their brain fog being reduced or cured with Dr Teitlebaum. He wrote the book from Fatigued to fAntastic. His treatment is expensive ($6k) but he claims to be able to help my brain fog. I just know he Mainly treats CFS. I am worried my brain fog is from MS. Need advice if I should go with him.

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Hello @czechmate, I am not familiar with Dr. Teitlebaum but hopefully one our members can offer advice. There are a lot of scams out there and it sounds like a lot of money so I guess I would recommend doing as much research as you can on it. I did find a page that has a lot of comments from what I think are customers but I'm not sure if they are related to helping brain fog. Another consideration is that brain fog can sometimes be associated with medications you are taking so I would look to see what the side affects are from any that you are taking, or better yet call your pharmacist and just ask them.

Dr. Teitelbaum on the Basics of Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Here are some links that I use to evaluate new products and services that are health related:

Quazar's guidance about avoiding scams and snake oil cures

FDA's Health Fraud Page

NIH's National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) which offers guidance about integrative health and how to evaluate it.



It is believed high yeast in the body can cause brain fog. There is plenty of free info on the market about this and how to cleanse the body of yeast. Many food groups have to be controlled and give up all sugar, even natural for 2 months, symptoms should improve then slowly may add back limited fruit and other foods. Yet, processed sugar is out for life. Yes there is px medicine specifically directed to control yeast but unless diet is controlled symptoms will return. New research about benefits of daily oregano oil, caprylic acid, kolorex which are non px herbs which kill the yeast is also on yeast sites. True I haven't' read about Dr T., yet I bet diet is part of his program. At the very least I don't believe the anti-yeast diets will hurt you, deprive you yes.

Frauds- My father in law was bankrupted back in the 80's by a fraudulent clinic in Mexico. His partner, a chain smoker, developed lung cancer and doctors in the states could do no more. A derivative from peach pits, laetrile, was reported to cure cancer. He checked her into a luxury clinic near Tijuana and after 2 months of treatment they sent her home at 68 lbs to wait to die. That was because he had run out of cash (they don't take credit). If he could continue to pay she would have died there. The marketing skills for this treatment were very convincing. Lots of razzle dazzle and beautiful facilities.

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