Has anyone experienced broken heart syndrome?

Posted by stacya1976 @stacya1976, May 21 3:25am

My mom died a year ago. And my dad (71)has had several trips to the ER for heart issues but they can't find anything wrong so far. His heart rate went down to 29 last night and I am worried. He has also been diagnosed with angina. Syncope. And his blood pressure has been considerably lower since her passing

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Google “Grief Share” and it is especially for this and opens your eyes to the stages of grief that he is dealing with. Churches and others have the classes on it all over America.


Hello @stacya1976 and welcome to Mayo Connect. There are several discussion groups on Connect that discuss "broken heart syndrome." I'd encourage you to use the "Search" icon at the top of the screen and type, "broken heart syndrome." You will find many posts about this topic. Here are some of the posts you will see by clicking on this link, the first post in this list is your post and you will see other posts from members of Connect who have discussed this syndrome:


Here is a link to a Mayo Clinic website page about this disorder:

If you read the Mayo article, you will see that there are many causes for this syndrome, both physical and psychological.

How is your dad's health otherwise? Does he have other chronic health issues? Does he have social connections and is he physically active?

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