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Has anybody had a tumor in a ureter? Any advice?

Posted by @fitrgirl in Kidney & Bladder, Jun 5, 2012

I was recently diagnosed with a tumor in my ureter which needs to be surgically removed. This is not a common tumor to have and the urologist that found the tumor has never seen or removed one before. The facility didn't even have the tool required to do the surgery. The tool has been ordered and will be arriving in 14 days but now that I have had time to think and I was wondering if anyone out there had had this type of tumor and if so what was your exoerience? The urologist seems very positive that the tumor is begnin but everything I can read says that there is more chance of it being malignant. Do I really want to let a surgeon who has never had the chance to do this surgry do it? Am I just being tio worried?

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Posted by @sorrento, May 9, 2014

I had a tumor in the kidney and it was malignant. They removed the kidney, ureter
and bladder cuff. Then 4 months later had Bladder tumors and they were also malignant. Get an appointment with the cancer center to the GU Clinic right away, don't let an inexperienced doctor remove this tumor. Don't take a chance with your life. Cancer is a hard journey.

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