Hard stool that will not break up

Posted by dgf @dgf, May 22, 2020

I have developed a hard lump of stool that is acting as a leaky ball valve partly blocking the rectum. It has been there about a month and my gastroenterologist is unable to do procedures due to coronavirus.
I believe this is a mixture of feces and highly polymerized mucus accumulated in a diverticulosis pocket. I have tried everything I can think of including laxatives, enemas, colonics, polyethelene glycol, lactulose, even vinegar/baking soda and papain enemas.
Years ago I had hemmeroid surgery so the passageway may be a bit narrow.
I am trying to find a bio-compatable solvent to break up this mass without a medical procedure. Any suggestions please?

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Hello @dgf and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I am sorry to hear of your problem with constipation and hard stools. Have you contacted your doctor either by phone or through the patient portal to explain the problem to him/her? Perhaps the doctor's office could make a suggestion. Sometimes switching to a liquid diet for a day or so can be helpful.

If you care to share more: Do you have a history of diverticulitis (or other digestive tract disorder) or is the hemorrhoid surgery the only problem you have had? Do you take any meds that might be contributing to constipation?


@dgf I am sure you are quite uncomfortable. This has been going on for awhile and it could get life threatening if it goes on too long. You need to contact your doctor again and see if something can be done soon. Even in my hot-spot town they are opening up for non-emergency procedures and surgeries. You have to have the covid-19 test a week before surgeries and possibly some procedures. Each state and city have different protocols. Call minimum of weekly to check with your doctor to let them know how you are doing and if they can help yet. if you feel you need to; go to the ER. I have not had fecal impaction, but have had severe diverticulitis. That was very painful!! I actually thought it might be something else because it was not my usual diverticulitis pain in the left side. It was more middle lower and then as time went on the pain went to upper right side of my navel. I did have a MRI it did show the diverticulitis and many pocket and a thickening. I had to do cipro to get rid of the infection before a colonoscopy. Even liquid only and using a laxative and the gallon yuck I did not clear out completely before the colonoscopy I had.My doctor was able to see the section of thickening and get a sample to check for cancer. All was okay. I had to have another colonoscopy the next year (2 years ago). All was good. Unless something happens I won't have another one for 3 years.


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