Help! chronic ulcer

Posted by nobelelbrando07 @nobelelbrando07, Aug 22, 2022

Is ulcr curable?
I feel pain from my chest to my back

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You didn’t give much information to go on. Are you seeing a GI Dr. for this? What did he say?


Hi @nobelelbrando07 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I do agree with @riflemanz64, it would definitely benefit all the members and readers if you could provide a little more information about your ulcers. Are they gastric or peptic? Do you feel as if a hot pole is piercing you from the front of your stomach to your back?


My chest hurt and feels heavy when I’m eating I also have this burning sensation in my chest and I keep regurgitating but I don’t have any pain in my stomach ,I went to the hospital and I tested positive for h-pylori the doctor said I have ulcer,and was put on med,but while taking the medication my stomach started hurting ,my stomach is bloated and hard going to two weeks now then I started having black stool which looks thin ,I don’t feel the urge to poop even when I want to poop I just feel a sign in my butt ,but don’t feel the poop pain And also the down part of my stomach is really burning from the inside for 4days nowand I dont have appetite ,please are this all part of ulcer?

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