Hair dye after Transplant

Posted by parojulie @parojulie, Jul 16, 2020

What is the reasonable time to wait before dying gray hair after a Transplant ? I have been told to wait since the immune suppression is high immediately after the surgery.

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@parojulie, Wow! This is a fantastic question. – I expect that you are not alone with this concern.

I congratulation on your successful recovery and for your desire to begin your new life after your transplant. Wonderful feeling, isn't it?
One of my early return home desires was to get a hair cut. However, hair dye was not on my list as my hair was already silver grey naturally. I was afraid to step out for a haircut out of concern for germ exposure. But my hairdresser, was very careful to provide a safe environment for me. So that made my simple haircut a possibility for me.

What has your transplant team advised? Are there some hair products that are more-or-less of a risk?


I was not planning to step out for haircut or color in midst of this Covid crisis 🙂 I was planning to apply just the box color myself at home. My home nurse and Transplant coordinator responded to wait at least 3 months as the colors do have a lot of abrasive chemicals.

I was inquisitive as how long did you all wait if you do color your hair?

Yes, I have been feeling good last 2 week ( except for the anemia concern I am almost 8 weeks post transplant now.

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