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Posted by @musali in Digestive Health, Nov 27, 2011

i need help of my H-pylori i have been suffering since my childhood here in America i have been 7 years and none of those years have i ever had a day of being health, i went abroad to Germany see if they can help with my desease after i couldnt get any other place to go but seemed nothing did worked out now i was thinking maybe if MAYO CLINIC is good idea about my situation please help me if anybody have an idea or experiance about my condition thanks alot


Posted by @dmdouglass, Dec 12, 2011

H-pylori is cureable. I had it many years ago. They gave me potent antibiotics and of course you then have to take another med to coat your stomach from the anti biotics. It takes time but it certainly is beatable. I threw up for 9 weeks and lost 30 pounds before they found the h pylori with a simple blood test. My gp ended up taking care of it. My endoscopy simply showed an irritation. Why on earth would you go to a foreign country for medical advice?


Posted by @musali, Dec 14, 2011

yea bro couse i had no other option i mean you cant imagen how many doctors ive talked to and none of them solved my problem, still i have great osticale of taking any antibiotics and my doctor dont have any idea what to do from there, that's why iam trying this time to go MAYO CLINIC totaly antibiotic doesnt work my stomack i dont know why bro whenever i take them iam starting to throw out and cant take any more,


Posted by @dmdouglass, Dec 15, 2011

Thats why i said when you take the potent antibiotic you have to also take carafate which protects your stomach from the antibiotic. You need to stick with the antibiotic therapy so it will kill the h pylori. I threw up constantly because of the h pylori...not the antibiotics ...but you need the carafate to stop feeling sick from the antibiotics. It will work.m then you will be free of feeling sick all the time. I saw dr.waid in jefferson, ohio 440-576-9111


Posted by @musali, Dec 16, 2011

Thank you so much Dmdouglass for your advise and help i really do aprecaite you alot, i understand what you saying but what i dont understand is that my GI doctor never gave me anticid drug which could atleast helpe me to fnish my anibiotics, i never lasted any antibiotics he gave me before becouse of stomach upset after 3 or 4 days taking, is this number you gave me is yours or Dr Waid? please replay me thanks so much Dmdouglass,


Posted by @dmdouglass, Dec 16, 2011

I was sent to the gi doctor as well and they did the endoscopy where they look down your esophagus to your stomach. All the gi doctor said was that there was inflammation. I went back to my regular doctor and he then ran blood work and found the h-pylori. And then treated me. H-pylori is difficult to get rid of but you have to complete the antibiotics. The carafate helped me tolerate the antibiotics. Hopefully it will help you as well! The phone number is for the doctor. He works in jefferson,ohio.

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