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H. Pylori infeccion

Posted by @edita in Digestive Health, Mar 12, 2012

I am Dx with H. Pylori bacteria which was Dx through a gastro-endosc. last year, I was given the HP-treattment but my symptons have not improved. I just went for another gastro and turned out that the bacteria is still there. I was told by the specialist that my chances to get the medicacion working for me are decreasing from 80 to 90% to 50% the second time to around 20% the third time. I am very concern because if I dont get something working for me I am in trouble. I have follow a very healthy diet to keep going but still I feel blooted, pain in my stomach which wake me up while sleeping. Thanks!


Posted by @mikeks, Mar 27, 2012

I have had gerd for 5 years with stomach pain at night, when my stomach is empty. I have been tested twice for h pylori and was told that I was negative. I did hear that the medicine doesn't work as good the 2nd time. Good luck!


Posted by @edita, Mar 27, 2012

Thank you for your reply. Good luck!! to you as well


Posted by @lizbeth67, Nov 17, 2012

Hi Edita...Could you please tell me symptoms your having from H.Pylori?


Posted by @edita, Nov 18, 2012

Lizbeth67; I have been dealing with stomach problems for some years and my symptoms are bloating and stomach pain in the epigastric area depending on what I eat, for example spice foods, deep fried foods, dairy foods give me a lot of gas and pain on my left side. Apparently the bacteria feeds on these foods and creates more acid in the stomach. I have tried acid reducer, lactose and digestive pills but nothing seems to help. I already had my second dose of antibiotics but am still working at it. Healthy diet seems to decrease my symptoms. Hope it helps you Good luck

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