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When I was 21 I had my left kidney removed in 2017 due to stage 2 clear cell carcinoma cancer of ovarian origin. It started & stated only in my kidney. I was told by the oncologist they didn’t understand how ovarian cancer originated my kidney, so they sent me to “Sloan Kettering Hospital” in NYC for a second opinion and they told me I must have been born with cells that weren’t suppose to be in my kidney & overtime it turned into cancer. Fast forward to 2018 I got diagnosed with IBS-C. From the same pain in which I thought was due to the turnout on my kidney, so it was found by mistake. Once digniosed with IBS-C my life has been TERRIBLE. I have developed (hyperthyroidism/Thyroiditi) which grew nodules on which as of right now it’s noncancerous. This has been causing my heart to race, palpitations, constant urination at night & it literally feels like it’s affecting my only kidney. It’s a full pain in my back, went to the ER no infection but my kidney HURTS. I’m so scared that this hyperthyroidism is causing my kidney to suffer. So I went to my endocrinologist, He won’t treat me even with my very low TSH levels & symptoms because he doesn’t want to mess up my thyroids more with meds if I don’t need them & he believes I have ab infection somewhere which is causeing my thyroid to become inflamed and hyper. So I asked my GI doctor to test for parasites which was positive for “Blastocystis hominis.”They gave me two different antibiotics, & did not work to treat it. I just don’t know what to do, I don’t want another surgery & to take a health thyroid if it’s only reacting to inflammation/infection in my GI. Any idea on what I should do? At this point I think I need to see a holistic doctor because western doctors don’t work together & don’t treat the entire body as one. They just push medication!!! & dismiss you. I also think I have SIBO which is another thing that is constantly misdiagnosed as IBS. Western doctors don’t find the root cause only want to “treat you”.


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I would first ask your GI doc to test you for SIBO. But I def hear you on seeking help from a wholistic doc. It’s tough when you are going to many specialists whom, like you mentioned, don’t collaborate together. IBS seems like such a generic diagnosis which I was also given for 30 years and brushed off. Within the last couple years my GI doc tested me for SIBO (negative) and something called CSID (positive).
Anyway, when I was going through long times of constipation I used a daily magnesium product called CALM. It is OTC and you can find it at Walmart, Costco, healthier grocery stores, online, etc. You could run that possibility by your doc too.
Hope they figure it out soon and you feel better.


What kind of holistic doctor do you plan on consulting with? You might be surprised that they don't find root causes either. You could try an antiparasite diet before laying out a lit of money on out-of-pocket consults and supplements.

Blastocystis has variants that might respond to different treatments; it often goes away on its own. Since it is a common parasite and asymptomatic in many people, there is controversy as to whether it causes symptoms at all. Meds often fail. An academic center might be your best bet for your gut and thyrod issues, or at the very least an endo 2nd opinion, perhaps a consultation with a physician at the Mayo Clinic.


It seems to me that you should be seeing a very good gastroenterologist, nephrologist and urologist as soon as possible. I think your problems sound beyond the capabilities of a wholistic doctor, and you do not want to go down a rabbit hole. It might also be good to see a cardiologist. You need comprehensive testing to get to the bottom of all of this.


@bani I agree. Find doctors that are in the same "group". My husband has many health issues and sees several doctors and they collaborate on medicine and other things. It's imperative to do this. Best wishes. I pray God will help you.

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