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Grief Support for Those Who've Lost Parent(s) to Cancer

Posted by @labontou, Mar 16, 2012

After battling cancer for several years, my mother finally died of her illness at age 72. Dealing with her loss certainly been sad, but also agonizing as I try to understand just HOW she could have been stricken with this dreadful disease in the first place. We have no family history of cancer, her own mother lived to age 100, and both her elder brothers (who smoked like chimneys up until their 70s) outlived her; one recently passed away in his 80s and the other is still alive and well (and thankfully, stopped smoking!). I know none of these factors necessarily contribute to whether someone gets cancer, but they can act as some indicator. I’d like to know how others have dealt with grief after losing family or loved one, particularly to cancer.


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