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Grammykay, I just joined the discussion group and will tell you what

Posted by @ardis, Sep 14, 2011

Grammykay, I just joined the discussion group and will tell you what I have endured for eight years. It started after I had a surgery on my shoulder. Whether this had anything to do with it, I am not sure…….but would surely like to know. I am affected in my mouth, throat, tongue, lips and hands. I decided to do the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery last summer. Then I was convinced that acupuncture would help………and it did, right away. With my third appointment, my lips weren’t moving. However, she has had a hard time reaching my limbs. It doesn’t seem to be helping with the hands in the least. I’m at a plateau. I am now considering going back to my clinic to see if we can proceed with the surgery. I have had four different people tell me of their success with Deep Brain Stimulation……..But I can’t help but wonder how many have not been successful. We don’t seem to hear about them. Since you have done research on this, try some research on Deep Brain Stimulation. It is used for Parkinson’s Disease, but Essential Tremor is treated with the same method as Parkinson’s. Good Luck. Ardie K. @grammykay



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Posted by @grammykay, Sep 15, 2011

Thank you Ardis for your reply. I will do some research on that and I will let you know. I have read a little on brain stimulation but only that it can help with symptoms. Hope all goes well for you. Please keep me updated. : -)

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