Grammy is 96 and in intensive care in another state

Posted by Roxie43 @roxie43, Mar 30, 2012

Grammy is 96 and in intensive care in another state. It was such a long day trying to accomplish several tasks and waiting anxiously for news about Grammy.
Grammys are special aren’t they?

My dear Roxie, I found this as I know that you are hurting at the moment. I think that these words would have been chosen by you for Grammy it reads as follows
If there a roses in heaven,
Will you send them just for me
So I can hold it close to my heart
Where you will always be
I will lay it on my pillow each night
As the angels tuck me in
I will feel your love surround me
In your arms once again
You always said ‘I was your heart’
That thought will help me through
I will always remember
‘My precious Grammy’
Whose love was honest and true
My sweetie this is from me to you at this sad time.
Another beautiful soul dancing with the angels and the butterflies in heaven
God Bless my dear friend. Piglit

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