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Good news

Posted by @techi, Fri, Jan 11 7:23pm

Today l went to the rheumatologist. Now this is my 3rd visit since 2017 after l came back from the mayo clinic. The first time l saw he wanted to know why l was coming to him and when he had my blood drawn my levels were extremely high because he prescribed a med for me. And l had a reaction. Then the 2nd time l fell in his office and today l was his top patient. He tell me l am going to help you. What an answer to prayer. I told him all about my symptoms and he ask me where did you work. I said at a hospital. And then he said are you a nurse? Well l don't have to be a nurse but at that moment I felt like l was the medical doctor because I tell all my doctors what meds l can take and can't. This week l was given a sleeping pill that you are not suppose to take if you have liver disease and l kept telling the doctor my medical condition and he says your psychotic. I am so glad l took my friend with me, she said he acted psychotic. And he broke hippa rules, l wish l would have recorded him. Its amazing. But at this clinic the founder of the clinic stays on these doctors and if you feel you are not being respected the founder will personally come in and talk with you. So he said l had an infection and he had my blood drawn and he said l will talk to your doctor at the mayo clinic and we will decide if you need medicine or what.. And if you need to get to the mayo clinic l will make sure you get there. Today was a great day. Thank you Jesus an answer to prayer. I finding out we have to detoxify our bodies. So l am eating better and drinking water and also make sure your surroundings are clean. I use cleaning products that are so safe they don't have safety caps on it. And you have to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and there are certain types of bath soaks to use. I am going to take a ginger and Epsom salts bath to remove the toxins out of my body since l can't do it on my own. And to everyone watch the meds you are taking. I told my doctors about so many recalls it's crazy. And now our meds are not being tested like it use to be.


Lisa @techi that is really good news. Thank you for the update and thank you for being your number 1 advocate! We could all take a lesson from your perseverance.

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Good news, indeed! Especially comforting is that he said he will call your Mayo doctor. I hope the coordinated effort will lead to a satisfactory treatment.

Sounds like you have had a really hard time. Your post above about your rheumatologist made me curious about why he asked you where you work. I have been looking for a doctor who would ask me that too because I worked 32 years in a Superfund site and have a boatload of autoimmune diseases. Of the many doctors I have seen, none of them want to know about my exposure history. Did they ask about your work history at Mayo Clinic?

Hello @cinnamon215, I noticed this is your first post and would like to welcome you to Connect and thank you for posting. You bring up a really relevant and important topic. I'm no medical expert and have no medical training or background but I believe where you work, where you live, what you do and what you eat all play a big part in your health. I think it's up to each of us to discuss possible concerns with our doctors. I would hope any doctor would listen and discuss the possibilities of your environmental background being a possible cause of a health condition. If not, I would be wanting a second opinion. CDC site has lots of information on the topic.

CDC’s Division of Environmental Health Science and Practice (DEHSP)


Lisa @techi that is really good news. Thank you for the update and thank you for being your number 1 advocate! We could all take a lesson from your perseverance.

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Thank you John. You know God is good all the time. Just this week again my doctor prescribed another high blood pressure med and with liver disease some high blood pressure meds and diuretics you can't take. So it is just a blessing to find someone who will help. Hope you are feeling well.

@techi Lisa I,m glad you found someone to help ,hope you continue to do well advocate for yourself I'd the best way to get results

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