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going to mayo clinic january 14 2012.

Posted by @kristenco09, Dec 5, 2011

I have been diagnosed with p.o.t.s. But don’t respond to treatment or have the “normal” pots symptoms so they referred me to mayo and I got accepted and will be going on january 14. I live in houston texas so it will be a 20 something hour car ride. I can’t sit up very long at all before my symptoms get unbearable and I’m very much dreading the trip to minnesota. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the trip any more tolerable? Any ideas are greatly appreciated (: I’m also very nervous about this whole thing because so many specialist have already told me they have no idea what’s wrong with me and even though I’m trying very hard to stay positive, its still in the back of my mind what if I go here and they still don’t know what’s wrong? Its the best place to go, I know this and I know God has this under control and I shouldn’t worry. But anyway please tell me your opinions or ideas (: thank you so much

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Posted by @anon39075469, Dec 12, 2011

I could write u a 500 pg book on this exact story. All I have to say is stay strong know God is with you all the way…God sent my family and I to Mayo for me when I had pots and my drs here at home said id never pull through it. Mayo was my last resort and I pulled through it and I am alive and well bc of Mayo drs helping ppl like me through the grace of God. My trip to Mayo with pots was 14 hrs each time but I made it and now im proud to say I bey pots syndrome snd much more. Its to much to write on here but id love to tell u how my family got me there with pots ehen i couldnt even sit up without passing out. Feel free to email me id live to tell u how my family got me there we took over fifty trips now and only like the last several yrs without pots. My family thought it was impossible to get me there but we did it successfully. Hope this helps.

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