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Glioma tumor

Posted by @rsage, Nov 16, 2011

An MRI after a cycling accident eight weeks ago, revealed a tumor. Has not grown in two months, no symptoms. First Dr I talked to recommends additional MRI in 4 months. Not sure what to do. Go to Mayo for second opinion?



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Posted by @momofthree, Nov 26, 2011

They can usually tell by the MRI what type of tumor it is and the grade. But any type of tumor cancerous or not is not good. I would definately go to mayo if your insurance will cover it or you can afford it. Before the took my tumor out they were pretty sure it was the second to the worst and sadly they were right. Tumors can switch grades over time so I would most definately go! Keep me posted. Ellen


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Posted by @kathig1, Nov 28, 2011

i hit my head back in 1995….in 2010…I had a glioma in the same exact spot…low grade but needed to be removed!!! So I did at the MAYO and they were AWESOME….also had 28 days of radiation!! Get an opinion from Dr. O’neil…he is the guru!!!

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