Glioblastoma Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Posted by reetters @reetters, Jul 31, 2019

Does anyone know of immunotherapy clinical trials for unmethlyated Glioblastoma?

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Hi @reetters and welcome to Connect. Here is a link to a webpage where you can search for ongoing clinical trials at Mayo Clinic:

@dfelix @IndianaScott @dawn_giacabazi an @nursnis as they have personal experience or have a loved one with glioblastoma and may be able to offer you support.

Are you looking into this for yourself or for a loved one?


My 73 yr old husband and I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He had surgery on 10/14/21 to remove most of a 5cmX3cm glioblastoma from his left temporal lobe. In a few weeks he'll begin chemo and radiation. Then after a break more chemo and treatment with a magnetic field helmet. I've been told the tumor "always" grows back and after all the treatment he will have only 12 to 14 months before it does at which time there will be no more treatment and that he will grow more and more tired until he fades away and dies… I cannot and will not accept this, therefore I'm looking for a clinical trial for him along with the prescribed treatment.

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