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Posted by @jed, Sep 10, 2011

successful glaucoma treatment(s)?



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Posted by @vrswesley, Oct 31, 2011

Im havimg lasersurgery in dec on my left eye to bring down the pressure


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Posted by @jinngee, Nov 2, 2011

I had a laser iridotomy last was kind of sudden was having blurred vision in my right eye upon waking up in the morning for about a month. I was beginning to scare me so I made a emergency appointment with a ophthalmologist he said that my pressure was 26 in one eye and 24 in the other. He gave me eye drops first which made me so sick!..this past friday, Oct. 28 I had the laser and it did not hurt and afterward it was not too bad except for the eye drops that I had to use every two hours

My vison is not better tho, had a follow up tues and my pressure was 33 in both eyes!
He has now referred toa glaucoma specialist and can’t get a appointment till the 15 th of this month. He did give me another eye drop Timolol and it seems for now to be helping..but I live in horror that i will wake up with blurred vision and it’s making me nervous and alot of anxiety. You should have had your surgery by now, how are you?
I hope you did better then me. Let me know, ok?.


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Posted by @czinser, Jun 4, 2012

Has any one had the trabeculectomy and what are your thoughts on the surgery
and out come?

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