GJ (Gastro-Jejunal) Bypass surgery: Anyone have a GJ tube?

Posted by lfitz @lfitz, Dec 16, 2022

My husband who was restaged to stage 4 pancreatic cancer in September recently had to have a GJ bypass surgery to bypass his duodenum because the tumor had caused a blockage. He suffered terribly for 6 weeks with vomiting. Oncologist just kept adding more nausea meds. Finally took him to ER when he couldn’t even keep fluids down. He was convinced that this was it and he was dying. Surgical oncologist was called in after CT scan showed the blockage and had surgery the next day. Spent 1 week in the hospital and has gradually been able to go from ice chips only – to clear fluids – to liquid diet – and now on soft diet. He lost 30 pounds and is weak and tired. Has anyone else had this experience?

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@lfitz, that must've been hard to watch your husband suffer until the blockage was discovered and the GJ tube could be placed. I'm tagging @snapdragon20 and @walisky who have experience with GJ tubes and may be able to provide tips and support.

Congrats on graduating to a soft diet now. You might appreciate the suggestions and tips that members share in this related discussion:
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Lfitz, has your husband started to gain back some weight?

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