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Getting pregnant

Posted by Anonymous-2915bf87 in Women's Health, Jul 27, 2011

Hello all,

I am 39 years old, I had 4 miscarriages in the past 4 years and I am finding it very difficult to get pregnant. My OBGYN did all the blood work and the hysteroscopy and everything turned out to be very normal. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks !

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Posted by @tribecamills, Jul 30, 2011

hello there. i am not a doctor. but i suggest that u look for different docs to source for more opinions. or think abt the circumstances which u had the miscarriages, there might be similarities where you can trace the problem. my prayers are with u. good luck! my email:


Posted by @cdvidya, Aug 2, 2011

Thanks a lot appreciate it, pl. keep me in your prayers.
The hysteroscopy of my uterus came out to be normal. The docs have put me on metphormin and clomid.


Posted by @anon85319211, Aug 28, 2012

I am sorry to hear about your loss, I pray that you have gone on and were able to have a child.
I just wanted to tell you that I myself have been in your shoes. My husband and I went through the loss of 4 miscarriages as well. None of my OBG could figure out why. Test after test we did everything to try and find out what was wrong and we did everything to have a baby. Nothing.....
I got very very Sick 9years ago and ended up in the hospital with a blood clot in my bowel. Because it took them so long to find the blood clot it had turned gan green. It ended up where they had to remove 6 feet of my intestine. I have been very sick ever since so many problems.
However thru all of that ( 8 weeks ) in the hospital they found that I have a very Rare blood disorder
It is called Thrombophlia Protein C defiency
Not sure if I spelled those correctly.
However, it causes my blood to clot to much and it causes miscarriages
I have to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life.
With this blood disorder you either get it from your Mom or Your Dad.
I was lucky in the sense that they found because they told me that they normally do not find this type of blood disorder in young people they usually find it in the elderly and at autopsy.
I never was able to have a baby but at least my husband & I knew now knew why and we could figure out what our next steps would be in our lives.
I pray that the lord has blessed you with the family that you desire.
I hope this information helps you in some way.


Posted by @proyantrj, Sep 9, 2011

You can make your bed room conform to Vaastu ways and that could really help you. Cheers,


Posted by @ashlandmom, Oct 12, 2011

I just had my first miscarriage at 17.5 weeks. Very hard on us, so I can't imagine what 4 would feel like. I first of all want to say that I am so sorry for the heartache that it caused you and your familly. Secondly, I pray that there is a plan for you and babies will just come naturally from here on out. My family practictioner just mentioned to me that she had a woman that just delivered at 45. That gave me a little hope. I am headed in for an MRI today to see if there are any complications down there. I was diagnosed with a bicornate uterus in January and conceived in June, so you never know what will happen. I again pray for you and that you find peace and happiness in the months ahead.

Posted by Anonymous-95274fcf, Nov 21, 2011

perhaps you and your husband could get genetically tested. mutations that may show up do not mean that your future offspring will have them but if you both share missing enzymes/proteins then these are the building blocks of life and maybe there is something you can do re diet or in vitro depending on the results. one enzyme that is not working properly can cause terrible neurological damage in a newborn if the newborn survives. so maybe this is a gentle whisper to have this tested in case you need some kind of intervention should you get pregnant.


Posted by @proyantrj, Sep 27, 2012

How are things with you now, Vidya? Are you having happier times being pregnant?

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