Gestational Diabetes

Posted by gdmme @gdmme, Nov 10, 2016

Anyone experience gestational diabetes?

Hi @gdmme, and welcome. First of all congratulations to the newest member of your family! As a new mom concerned about the care of your baby, it is important to consider your own health too. @lj1982 and @lizkat wrote a while back about gestational diabetes. I hope they will return to share their experiences with you. I’m also tagging @dawn_giacabazi on this discussion.

In the meantime, here is some information about gestational diabetes from Mayo Clinic http://mayo

Gdmme, we look forward to getting to know you. How old is your baby? What lifestyle or diet changes have you had to make to help manage the diabetes?


Thank you @hironopiro
Welcome to Connect @gdmme
Gestational diabetes is no fun but it can be managed and with good adherence to diet and exercise both mother and child can live healthy lives.

May I ask, What influenced you to ask the question.

Here is a link that has some great information.

Looking forward to learning more about you.

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