GERDS, Reflux, IBS, SIBO, Depression,

Posted by Gregory D @gregoryd, Sep 5, 2012

My name is Greg. I am 48 yrs. old. I have suffered with reflux and GERDS since I was a teenager. I was also diagnosed with depression/anxiety when I turned 21. Well, last year the GERDS got so bad that I went to the Mayo clinic in Phoenix. They tested me for two days, and sure enough the GERDS was bad. I also had a hiatal hernia. They did surgery three days later; Nissen Fundoplication. I felt great for nine-months. Then, bam!!! Stomach went crazy with pain and burning. Went back to Mayo to get checked out. They scoped me and found gastritis, SIBO, and two ulcers. This was a shock. I was told that these things had nothing to do with the Fundoplication, and sent home. Now, a year-and-a -half later, I’m getting proper treatment. Come to find out, there are NUMEROUS symptoms involved when gut flora is out of balance. It becomes a vicious cycle of overproduction of one system to deal with one issue, and that in turn creates other complications. I suggest anyone with fibromyalgia, chronicle fatigue, SIBO, any other G.I. conditions, or multiple odd symptoms google “Chris Kresser” and look for the related topic. Toxins, food allergies, and bacteria can create a nightmare. I would have sworn I had cancer, heart problems, or something along those lines, but it’s just microscopic bugs making my life Hell. I hope this post brings relief to all who are in need. Oh, I would explore this option before having the Fundoplication without a doubt.

Are you saying that you have an overgrowth of a fungus like with candida? What are you using for treatment?


Hey Greg. What did you do to get better?

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