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geographic tongue and gluten intolerance

Posted by @howdoyoudo, Nov 15, 2012


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Posted by @kinde, Dec 28, 2012

I have had issues with my tongue and mouth. I believe I have systemic yeast in my body and since I am not feeding it sugars, yeast, vinegar or processed foods it is detoxing and coming out as thrush and creating my mouth to be on fire. I do swish with cayenne pepper water and the pain goes away so that I can eat. I have lost lots of weight and hopefully will get rid of the yeast issue before it creates other autoimmune diseases that can occur from candida that is out of control. My intestines are also full of yeast and therefore, leaky gut, has caused me to have lots of food sensitivities so I have been gluten free and dairy free for quite sometime. To check for yeast just spit in a glass of water the first thing in the morning before any eating or drinking and see if there are heavy white strings floating in the glass.


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Posted by @aby, Jan 12, 2013

My dad has experienced tongue pain for many years now. He has been to many drs who think it is from his stomach, but have done nothing to improve it. They given him different ointments for the tongue but did not heal it. Have you found a solution and do u think abstaining from sugar and the other ingredients u listed at the beginning of your post has helped or made it worse?

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