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genital warts

Posted by @renee, Aug 4, 2011

I recently was diagnosed with genital warts and was looking for someone to connect with, that’s been where I am now. I’m confused about the HPV thing. About 5yrs ago I was diagnosed with HPV and had a cervical biopsy for cancer. My doc at the time never mentioned if the strain of HPV I had was also the warts causeing kind or just cancerous. I’m tired of talking to doctors and was wondering if anyone on here knows if high risk HPV can also cause warts or if you can contract more than one strain of HPV at a time?



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Posted by @luckybabe212, Sep 8, 2011

i contracted hpv 2 years ago. through my ex boyfriend. from what i know, yes, you can contract more than one strain of HPV at a time.. add me as friends. love to chat more.

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Posted by @chart, Nov 20, 2012

Did you have an abnormal Pap smear? Just had my first, and follow up pap was also abnormal. Colposcopy also abnormal. Now I am scheduled for LEEP. Know anyone that has had this ?


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Posted by @31innyc, Jan 18, 2013

I’m scheduled for a LEEP procedure on Wednesday and am terrified of them finding something more than the moderate dysplasia from my biopsy. Would really love some encouraging words. Thank you

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