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genital herpes

Posted by @nurse89, Jul 8, 2011

newly diag wi genital herpes…in shock!!! I am 56!!!! HELP!!


Randy Schwarz

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Posted by @randyschwarz, Jul 8, 2011

Please check out the info at this link:


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Posted by @lucious, Aug 16, 2012

I am 53 and just found out I have herpes,my husband of 22 yrs doesn’t have it. We have been magnamious all these years.I am scared and ashamed and think why does it show up now ? My husband is supportive and I am on Valtrex. But I am afraid to have sex again.


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Posted by @vnicholas, Sep 14, 2012

U can have sex but you need to learn your body first even with the medicine you may feel the shedding so pay attention eat more lysine enriched foods and exercise oh stay away from stress


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Posted by @stalami00, Aug 4, 2012

I just found out I contracted hsv-1 from having oral sex with my bf of 2 yrs. I’m on the tail end of my first breakout now. At first I was heartbroken and so depressed, never mind the agony, oooh the painful agony! I was scared to pee because it hurt so much, n I couldn’t sleep or walk or sit! However, a week in I know it will b ok! We will get through this! My partner is supportive, n I’m on valtrex n think it’s helping. I alternate between ice packs n vagicaine for pain. I urinate in the tub with a steady stream of water to dilute it. This is our new reality. It doesn’t make us bad or dirty, so keep your chin up! We are not alone, this is very common, n it will get better!

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