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Genital Herpes - help - it has been 4 weeks!

Posted by @ke, Aug 19, 2012

I was infected 4 weeks ago, and have been on Valtrex for 2 weeks but am continuing to have sores all around the vagina, clitoris, labia – a rash around my clitoris so I have both itching and pain – the painful urination is better but I have difficulty releasing my bladder. It seems if I have been on the med for 2 weeks I shouldn’t be having more new sores. Two will go away and then I feel another coming, then another . . . Initially I had a bladder infection, painful urination and bowel movements, terrible sores with swelling underneath the sores, swollen glands all over, sore throat . . .

They also checked for any other STD’sfor both of us and we had none.

My boyfriend had only painful urination for 4 days and he has probably has had this for a long time – he remembers painful urination one other time about 15 years ago. We are both in our early 50’s.

How long before I get better?!?! I can take a lot of pain but it has been 4 weeks! When I do heal and we can resume sexual activities (if I ever can!!!) should he be on Valtrex too? My gyno wants me on it always – or at least for 6 – 12 months due to the horrific breakout. My boyfriend feels if he is on it too, it might prevent another breakout. I am afraid to have any type of sex – I have sores all over. Will having sex once this initial outbreak is over cause another outbreak?



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Posted by @vnicholas, Sep 14, 2012

Your first outbreaks are usually the worst ! You have to relax and start adjusting to this being apart of your life now , whether he has it or not you need to learn your body and it responds to the disease and other environmental factors ! Sex is a no no during outbreaks ! Your body has to get use to the meds and you have to eat more lysine enriched foods ! Learn what they are and stick to it ! Mainly keep stress levels down

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