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Genital Herpes

Posted by @mklski, Aug 1, 2011

Was just diagnosed with this disease. Would like to know if I am now more susceptible to getting shingles.



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Posted by @doyouhearme, Sep 11, 2011

How are u dealing with this ‘? I might have herpes


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Posted by @vnicholas, Sep 14, 2012

Every one responds to it differently you have to learn your place with it !! Keep stress levels low don’t eat to much of anything that contains argenine ! Learn what meds work for you


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Posted by @elegiamore, Oct 26, 2011

I’ve had them both for 35 years. If you break out in genital herpes that means you do not have good resistance to herpes viruses – most people who contract the herpes II virus never break out. So that would suggest that you would be more likely to get shingles – but there is no direct correlation.
There is a section here, mklski, on genital herpes. Hope it will help you out.
I would not freak out about active herpes re: your long term health. Often you build up resistance over time and the breakouts stop. Just remember that contrary to urban tales you see online (and even on this website) herpes CAN BE CONTRACTED during sex even when you don’t have a breakout. Good luck.

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