Genetic Testing

Posted by JC @jcolby, Sep 8, 2017

I do not have any first line relatives (mother, sister) with breast cancer. My father comes from a large family (11 kids), and all my aunts and all my girl cousins have had breast cancer. My aunts told me I needed to be tested, but medicare will not pay. I’m just curious what the cost is. Anyone had to pay out of pocket?

Hi, @jcolby. I’d like to introduce you to a few other Connect members who have posted about genetic testing for cancer so you can get their input. Please meet @djsetzer, @hrant, @collielady, @junebug15, and @alan112. You might also like to meet two of our volunteer mentors who’ve discussed genetic testing, @cynaburst and @dawn_giacabazi. Hopefully you can all meet here on this thread.

Here are a few other resources related to genetic testing and cancer on Mayo Clinic Connect you might be interested in:

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This post talks about the decision to seek genetic testing for breast cancer and links to a video:

You mentioned your aunts told you you need to be tested. What is your feeling about it?

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