Genetic mutations that can cause breast cancer

Posted by sandyjr @sandyjr, Jun 28, 2020

I have the CHEK2 mutation…BC twice 11 years apart. No lymph node involvement. My genetic counselor says we have identical genes in every cell in our body. Saying that, is that why we can get breast cancers in distant parts of our bodies? Maybe checking lymph nodes is not the answer. Since this idea just came to me, I am thinking there may be a connection. Is getting a bilateral mastectomy really a positive solution. I am seeing my plastic surgeon on Tuesday and see what he says. I can also email the counselor, but now that I’m getting the mastectomy she might not respond. Input anyone?

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It's a very personal choice and one only you can make. I was ready to have bilateral mastectomies and go flat, but it was the oncology surgeon in the Bay Area who said there is a new way of looking at it. Doing mastectomies can cause lifelong neurological pain because they are cutting through a lot of nerves and she also explained that they cannot take out all the breast tissue and that women with mastectomies can possibly get breast cancer again. I went from "Ma Kettle" breasts to about an A size, this after my first lumpectomy. I had some nerve pain in the beginning of the healing process but that has gone away. I also still have some feeling in the breasts as well as the nipples. The breast are fairly uniform except the affected breast that underwent radiation is a little bit fuller, but not noticeably. The regular breast surgeon I saw first would have gone for the full mastectomy as it is a simpler procedure for them. In the procedure that they did on me, it required removal and then re-shaping. I believe I was in surgery for about 6 1/2 hours. However, again, this is a personal choice only you can make after looking into all aspects. I wish you all the best in your decision making…it's a tough one.

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