Glioblastoma (GBM) Grade 4 with stroke symptoms late on

Posted by nursnis @nursnis, Feb 6, 2019

My relative who was diagnosed in July having surgery immediately has now had what we think was a small stroke showing stroke symptoms and signs on the opposite side of her tumor. She never had chemo and Rad. due to the fact that from the time she had her seizure – 4 days before the tumor removal she has not been herself. She now sleeps 18 hrs a day or more and is unable to use her left side. Has anyone else experienced that aspect of the GBM?

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Hello @nursnis I am sorry to read of your relative's struggles. While I did not have GBM, I was my wife's caregiver for 14+ years and speak only from what I witnessed during her struggles. I am Scott, by the way.

I know each and every tumor, brain, and patient is different. My wife's tumor initially was on the right side but she was left handed, which made things different too. In my wife's case she did have complete left side paralysis and more, but it was early on after she actually had a significant bleed immediately following her biopsy, She also suffered from seizures about one year on, but those were then controlled in most part through medications. Her cognition, sleep patterns, and abilities continually fluctuated during her battles. Her neuro-oncologist did say to us it was during sleep when the brain worked hardest to heal itself and to learn how to function with the damages within. My wife also did not have chemo or radiation therapies due to the science at the time, her condition, the location of her tumor, and possibilities of very significant side effects.

I offer this just as one example. Others, hopefully, will chime in and add their experiences.

Strength, courage, and peace!


I had a 7.2cm tumor on the right side of my brain and the day before I was taken to ER the left side of my face had fallen and the Doctor diagnosed me with Bells Palsy. That night went to dinner with family, passed out for a few seconds then daughter said that's it we're going to ER. The next day Barrows took the tumor out and in a couple weeks I was diagnosed with glioblastoma grade 4. I was really tired when I came home from the hospital but it's been 4 months since surgery and I'm doing real well. Been through 6 weeks radiation and temozolomide and will start double temozolomide end of February. Then hope to get the Optune device in a few months.


Thanks for your reply and so thankful for your success. Much luck to you in your continued good heath.

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