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Posted by @lauraw in Just Want to Talk, Sep 7, 2012

My brother in law is in the hospital with gastroparesis. He is in excructiating pain and the doctors are telling him there is nothing they can do. If anyone has experienced this or knows who to see at the mayo clinic in Minnesota please let me know. The night before last he went into cardiac arrest...He takes more than 15 meds daily and is declining rapidly. We are desperate for some help or advice. Thank you

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Posted by @bettyann, Sep 8, 2012

There is a good chance that all those meds are CAUSING the gastroparesis! I truly hope you will take advantage of this site, do some research on it, and are able to make an appt for your brother in law in a Mayo Clinic. There are places to Email and numbers to call right on this site. I am sure ANY of them that you call will be happy to direct you to the one that is closest to you.
He definately needs to see other doctors.
Good luck to all of you, and Love and Healing to your brother in law.

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Posted by @mouser, Sep 9, 2012

I would ignore Bettyann. Bad advice. Rochester is one of the best places to be. They have teams of doctors. There is obviously more to the story.


Posted by @bettyann, Sep 10, 2012

Little bit on the rude side, eh, mouser? 🙂 That's ok... I am fairly certain Laura knows I meant well and I feel confident they will do the right thing for her brother in law.


Posted by @mouser, Sep 10, 2012

I am sorry, I didn't mean to offend. Truly. I just seriously doubt that his medications would cause gastroparesis.


Posted by @piglit, Sep 10, 2012

Hi mouser on this site we so need to be caring as to others feelings. We all have the right to our own opinions. Glad that you apologized to Betty as she is a dear friend and one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure to meet and also to call my dear friend. Piglit


Posted by @MakalaJohnson, Sep 8, 2012

Perhaps this link will be helpful: Best wishes.

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Posted by @piglit, Sep 10, 2012

Hi Laura W So sorry that your brother in law is in such pain. I hope that things improve for him soon also hopefully the link above that has kindly been posted by Makala will help you. I myself have not had any direct contact with mayo clinics but I am sure that if you could find one close to you that they would do their upmost to help. They sound wonderful and caring and I know that many people have been helped Take care Piglit


Posted by @anon02080784, Sep 15, 2012

Friend of mine has the same thing. She had a pacemaker placed near the stomach that has been working for her. Others have tried it, but it didn't work for them.


Posted by @bulldawg74, Sep 23, 2012

Try Domperidone - it has worked for my gastroparesis for over 10 years

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