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Posted by @bellyacheblues in Digestive Health, Oct 1, 2011

I've just been diagnosed with gastroparesis after having a gastric emptying test. My case is idiopathic in origin, prior to my diagnosis I was on massive amounts of prescription antacids for 4 months. Has this caused my gastroparesis to get worse. I'm scheduled to see a nutritionist in 2 weeks.I am taking erythromycin 250 mg. before each meal , am excercising, but don't feel much improvement. Does anyone have any advice for me? Shocked with my diagnosis, signed sleepy tummy

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Posted by @lisab, Oct 6, 2011

I'm new here, so bear with me. I too was diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2009 after having a lap band placed and tightened. The lap band was removed, and the daily nausea and vomitting continued. I was then given botox injections, massive doses of anti-nausea meds, feeding tubes, TPN, and even a pace maker for my tummy. Eventually my stomach was removed in May of 2011, it had turned black inside due to the chronic vomitting. Guess what?? I am still sick, vomitting almost everyday, and down to 104lbs from 272lbs. My doctors told me friday there is no more they can do for me. I tell my story to say this, if you take nothing else away from all of this, please, please, please remember, BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!!! Make your voice heard, due your research and be dilligent. Keep a food diary, mark what works for you and what doesn't. I kept telling everyone it just didn't make sense to me that my stomach was the only culprit. Now I am at a loss and hoping that Mayo can help. As a single parent I struggle everyday to be well enough to just talk to my children to see how their day went. Don't allow this to happen to you. Make informed decisions, get second, third, and fourth opinions. I wish you all the best! I would love any resourceful information.

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Posted by @saskia, Oct 15, 2011

Dear Lisa I am so sorry for all you are going thru. My daughter got sick 2003 when she worked at a day care and came home throwing up. She went into the Hospital for 2 months. They gave her demerol to knock her out so she wouldn't vomit all the time and she had also TPN. We were adviced by Baylor here in Houston not to do the pace maker for it hasn't really proven it's self. She still has her stomach, but it can go into chronic pain where she can't control it and we go to the Hosptal. She would be weeks at a time in the Hospital, now we go only about 7 times a year instead of 60. Crazy right. I said all along to everyone are you sure we don't have a dule diagnosis. I think she has become now use to all the pain meds. You can't give the cannons of pain meds in the Hospital and send someone home on Tylenol with codine 3. It just doesn't work. 5 Hrs later they are going thru detox and you are back in the ER. She now takes 2mg of SUBOXIN for gut cramping and pain and a antisuppressant to calm the stomach . She also has shots for the nausea 25mg phenergran a box of 30. This medication I give IM in her hip and it catches the nausea quicker then the pills. Dear Lisa if I could hold you in my arms and comfort you I would. Know one knows what it's like to have a sick child or family member in your life. I will keep you in my prayers. Saskia

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Posted by @sarahkristen82, Dec 17, 2012

I have idiopathic gastroparesis, I used to be tube fed and on many pain meds. I now only take 1/2 a suboxone tablet and I am functioning better than ever before. I'm not in paiin or vommiting on a regular basis. I haven't found a study relating the suboxone and gastroparesis. If I can go from a dying woman to a functioning mother and wife who is now able to eat then it seems like there has to be a connection. I am unfortunately uninsured, so I won't ever have the opportunity to go to a medical facility like mayo. I'm always looking to find answers. I have lost 6 online friends from support groups to this horrible disease. Wish I had all the answers! !


Posted by @indigo7505aolcom, Jan 6, 2012

Hi I'm 42 years old diagnosed I too suffer from this horrid condition I'm currently laying in a hospital bed in midland Michigan my quality of life isn't the greatest very weak very sick monthly seems to hit me hard during menstral cycle I live on mostly liquids but on occasion eat what I want if I'm going to vomit anyway I've kept food logs. now was everyday for 3 years I was in bed have had Botox and getting it again January 26 I understand your agony your fear. I hope the best for you but I'm at a loss for any new or good info

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Posted by @betsy1rn, Jan 20, 2012

my daughter Ashley (age 16) had similar issues starting 3+ years ago. She was finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis a year ago. Check out

for more information. Also, you can read my daughter's story at:

Also there is an excellent you tube video created by a young lady with Gastroparesis to raise awareness about this rare disease. You can check it out at-

Hope this helps and that you can get some answers...

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Posted by @anon15380846, Sep 16, 2012

back pain

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