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Posted by @priya in Digestive Health, Apr 22, 2012

My daughter has been throwing up ever since she was 3 months. She is 3+ now. Both of us are fed up of her vomiting, no interest to food. All she likes to have is Pediasure and have been diagonised to have Lactose Intolerance. I am yet to start any medications for her poor motility and lactose intolerance diagonised recently in the endoscopy done. Does anyone have a child with similar conditions? If yes are you giving any medicines? I am concerned on side effects too.


Posted by @mulder, Apr 22, 2012

I have Gastropareses for 12 years, I take Phneragan injections at least 2 x day for 10 years. Receantly Dr. gave me Zorfran you put under tounge for nausea, it doesn't work. Phneragan is the only thing that works. Its A constant struggle. Even tried Botox, that was another joke. Basicily your on your own. Do research and judge for yourself. For A baby she seems to have full blown gastropareses. I am not A diabetic. I would welcome any help from others. Thank You


Posted by @sweets, Apr 26, 2012

My 23 year old daughter has just been diagnose with gastroparesis last week after wawaiting over a year and three gastro drs. We hurt because of the pain she go thru and not able to keep food down. She drink about five to six bottles of boost a day. What else are we suppose to look forward to. Will she be able to eat soon. What medicine are you on for this. Anything else you need to tell me, please do daughter is not diabetic.


Posted by @priya, Apr 23, 2012

Thanks for that reply mulder

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