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Gastrointestinal Problems (Acute Gastritis)

Posted by @stomachonfire, Feb 27, 2012

I am searching for someone that is experiencing or has experienced gastritis. If you would please share any home remedies, prescription medications or any information whatsoever about treatment for this.

Thanks Much!
Sharon in Arkansas



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Posted by @anon95039162, Mar 6, 2012

Hello Sharon, tonight my Mom was diagnosed with hiatal hernia, gastritis, diverticulosis. Wonderful hospital and staff. Prescribed med is pantoprazole. Looking for info on all 3 and saw your question. Not sure if it will help you. I pray for both your health.


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Posted by @stomachonfire, Mar 25, 2012

Thanks so much for replying regarding the gastritis. My doctor prescribed Bentyl and it has helped me tremendously. My flare normally lasts about 6 weeks and may not happen again for another 2 years or more.
I certainly hope your mother gets better soon. If I hear of any new meds I will definitely pass them on to you.
God bless and get well soon!
Sharon in Arkansas

Jay Cee

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Posted by @jaycee1, Mar 24, 2012

have your dr. check you for H-pylori bacteria you will need a young up to date dr. to take this serious


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Posted by @stomachonfire, Mar 25, 2012

Thank you for replying to the email regarding gastritis. I am feeling much better. The flare usually lasts about 6 weeks and it may not happen again for a couple of years. Strange condition!

Thanks again!
Sharon in Arkansas


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Posted by @bearylynn, Apr 19, 2013

Sucralfate (Rx), also know as Carafate – was helpful for me – especially if I let the pill dissolve in my mouth, then swallow.

Prilosec, we believe, brought on/aggravated the gastritis.

Nexium worked well.


after taking for a few years, broke a rib, and was alerted to bone loss starting.

Couldn’t stop taking nexium w/o gastritis


Listened to my sister, who told me to drink alot of citrus (especially lemon). I had a hard time believing it, but since she was not the first I’d heard this from, I tried.

Due to IBS-C, I juice red grapefruit and then strain (to minimize fiber).

I also add juiced (strained) lemon, along w/ magnesium citrate powder (Natural Calm).

After forgetting to take the nexium for a while, I realized, as long as I was drinking the citrus, I no longer had gastritis.

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