Gastrointestinal problems

Posted by emmur16 @emmur16, Jun 25, 2016

I would appreciate someone putting a label on a condition. Excessive bloating, gas and pitting swelling of legs and feet,feeling as if one is squeezed in their skin, headache in 90 year old female with no heart condition but perhaps dehydrated. Thank you

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IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome) & overgrowth of bad bacteria in your gastric
system. See a G.I specialist.Good luck


Seeing a gastroenterologist sounds like a next step to get a diagnosis. That way, once you have an accurate diagnosis, you can get the treatment right and begin experiencing some relief. It helps to start with writing down and tracking your symptoms and their severity so you and your doctor can look for patterns. Also write down any questions you may have. Every question is a good question! Be sure to take notes during the appointment. Bringing a friend or family member to help with writing down information can also help.

Here are examples of questions to ask a GI, which may help with your first appointment:

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