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Posted by cmackia2020 @cmackia2020, Dec 26, 2022

I’ve had gastrointestinal problems since 2014 and been on every PPI. I had an upper EGD done in November 2019 which revealed severe esophigitis. February 2022, I was hospitalized due to throwing up blood causing a syncope episode. An upper EGD was done with the same results as in November 2019. I received 1 blood transfusion. April 2022, I got another upper EGD. Results the same as in the hospital. June 2022, I received 2 iron infusions. Fast forward to October and my HGB was 15. I went out to Las Vegas the weekend before Thanksgiving. That Saturday night, I got up to use the restroom and immediately upon getting to the bathroom my ears were ringing and everything was going in slow motion. I remember going to the bathroom but the next I woke up on the floor of the bathroom. I made it back to bed where I realized I gashed my head. Called 911 and was transported to the hospital. Apparently, I had another syncope event while sitting on the toilet in the ER. There 3 CTs were done with contrast and an MRI as well as an upper EGD. The EGD revealed My HGB was 6.5. I received 2 more blood transfusions. I left the hospital on 11/24 to return home to Louisiana. Woke up on 11/25 throwing up blood. Was transported again by ambulance to my local hospital where I received 2 more blood transfusions. This time they did a barium ct and other upper endoscope. Also took gastrin levels. EGD showed the same as the previous 3. Severe esophigitis. As well as a hernia inside my stomach. The barium ct was negative. The gastrin levels were elevated but ruled out Zollinger Ellison. December 2022, received 2 more iron infusions and did a capsule endoscope. The capsule endo was negative. Dr said if any more overt bleeding go to ER but no more tests would be run. So after 5 EGDs, a capsule EGD, 5 blood transfusions, and 4 iron infusions, I am nowhere closer to knowing what is going on.

I did make contact with an admissions counselor for Mayo last week and they sent my records up for review by the Gastroenterologist team. Do you think I will be accepted for appointments to finally figure out where I am bleeding from and what to do to fix it? I’m tired of having to be stabilized, sent home, only to go through it again. It was less than 8 months between my 1st hospitalization and the next 2. Totally unacceptable.

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I hope you find out whats causing the bleeding. Thank God for our blood donors we have, they really save the day!

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