Gastric ulcers

Posted by johnbluffside @johnbluffside, Oct 8, 2021

What is the preferred rx and success rates?
How long did it take you to feel better?
Rx with least side effects.
Once rx completed did symptoms / ulcers return?

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I had a bleeding ulcer diagnosed when I thought I was having a heart attack. Ulcer was repaired via endoscope. I had to stop all aspirin, Ibuprofen and all spicy foods. Tylenol only for pain. I've been good for 3 yrs. I don't drink,smoke. Low acid diet from now on seeing how they found out I have Barrett's esophagus.


Thank you for sharing! I am so glad you are doing well!


I was recently diagnosed with a marginal ulcer that's being treated with an open-capsule PPI twice a day. Looking to hear from people about how long it took to heal, other treatments that have helped, recurrences, etc. Thanks in advance!


Want to know the necessary factors in favour of ulcer development in human beings especially in people who never skipped meals and what should be done to avert or treat the ugly monster when it sets in.Thanks.


Hi @nnaemeka and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll see I moved your post to a discussion about ulcers. I did this because I'd like to introduce you to @johnbluffside, @mandyhope and @riflemanz64 who have also had issues with ulcers.

Here is some Reference info that you might be interested in looking at about prevention:: Ulcer Treatment and Prevention:

How long have you been diagnosed?


My ulcer developed from taking Ibuprofen, burned a hole in my small intestine. I've been good for 3yrs now. No more pain pills or aspirin for me. Low acid diet for life.


Am very much glad to go through your articles on Ulcer prevention & treatment Much information on this learnt.Can't thank you people enough.

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