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Posted by @greenide, Oct 8, 2012

I had some stomach pain about 8 weeks ago and tests revealed gallstones. I also had an endoscopy that revealed nothing – no problems. I’m now on the Paleo diet which is natural fats from nuts and meat and alot more fruits and veggies. My symptoms have subsided a great deal. My question is do I ride this out or do I go right to surgery to have the gall bladder removed even though I have few, if any on most days, symptoms? I also need to add, that my symptoms never were bad enough where I couldn’t sleep or go to work so I don’t know what to do. I do not want to have surgery if it’s not absolutely necessary.


Posted by @triciatomlinson35gmailcom, Oct 16, 2012

It says here that surgery isn’t always needed.
Are things still okay?


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Posted by @greenide, Oct 16, 2012

Thanks for writing. For the most part I am ok. I ate bacon over the weekend (which is on the Paleo diet) but had a little bit of a tummy episode afterward. Now that I’ve researched gallstones and the gall bladder I’m very tuned into what my body is doing and there seems to always be a little something going on related to the stones. There are definitely things I have to avoid which I do not want to do forever.


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Posted by @katzee, Nov 3, 2012

I have gallstones with no symptoms. My GP referred me to a surgeon because she doesn’t want me to turn into a crisis / emergency. She said its better to be proactive. Apparently a gallstone “attack” is more than painful! I meet with the surgeon on nov 29 so have no clue what kind of surgery will happen in relation to the gallstones. The surgeon will also be repairing my umbilical hernia while I’m at it


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Posted by @anneinside, Dec 6, 2012

I had gallstones and ignored the pain for a long time and even thought it was acid reflux. I had to have emergency surgery laparoscopically I had gotten an infection and my gallbladder was inflamed, urine brown, severe pain. I later – a month later got pancreatitis because there was still blockage in the common bile duct which had to be removed. The pain of the pancreatitis was worse than the gallbladder. My advice is to get surgery before your problem gets severe or moves to pancreatitis as the only thing they can do for it is have you stop eating and flushing your body with IV fluids.


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Posted by @jb17, Sat, May 6 10:43pm

no do not get surgery . from what ive read its best to wait.essp if theyre small stones. watch videos on this your body needs fat . no bladder will not distribute the fat correctly

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