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Posted by @biztechexec, Dec 25, 2011

I have been diagnosed with gallstones and removal of the gall bladder was recommended. I will very probably do this early next year but in the meantime I wanted to know if any additional symptoms that may occur beyond the usual ones I have read (abdominal pain, shoulder pain, jaundice). Specifically, I have at times over the last couple of days felt dizzy, flushing of my face (but not fever), and weakness in my legs. I am recovering from a bad cold so that may be the problem but I wanted to ask here in case anyone can comment on these symptoms.
As I said, I will very probably schedule surgery in the second week of january of 2012 but I still want to know about these symptoms I am currently having.



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Posted by @anon89880224, Jan 3, 2012

Had My gall bladder removed yrs ago.
Very painful when I had the attacks.
Would vomit too, along with severe pain where ribs meet……


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Posted by @anneinside, Jul 14, 2012

If gallstones block your common bile duct it can cause pancreatitis which can be lethal if not treated. I wouldn’t wait. I got pancreatitis from this and was in extreme pain. Pancreatitis can destroy your pancreas which is needed to live.

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