Posted by seray @seray, Aug 5, 2016

I was diagnosed with gallstones and now I start using Rowachol to dissolve the stones, but also heart about the drug called Ursodiol and hesitant which one to use. It’s also said that using both is more effective. Does anyone knows about the effectiveness and side effects of those drugs

Welcome to Mayo Connect @seray. As a Monitor on the web site, I greet new members and offer help in connecting with others and in finding more information about their concerns. Gallstones are annoying and sometimes more troublesome, I know. The Rowachol you mentioned is an unregulated supplement, not a medication. A study by a research group funded by the National Institute of Health found it could be useful in some cases. However, it may not be compatible with Ursodiol. This is a classic situation in which a detailed discussion with a medical doctor is advisable. For more on Rowachol, check out On Ursodiol, check out this report from Mayo Clinic: Check back every day to see whether other members can provide more personal information.

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I wonder if anybody get rid of his gall stones
By using any prescribed drug.


Hi @seray, welcome! I moved your post to your original thread so you can reply directly to other comments. You can click the reply button to write responses instead of opening a new discussion each time 🙂

I’m tagging @greenide, @katzee and @anneinside who have also written about gallstones in the past, in hopes that you may be able to connect with them and share experiences.

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