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Fungal Sinus Infection

Posted by @renie in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Aug 3, 2011

My dtr has a sinus infection that doesn't heal for the past 3 months and getting worse. Constant rounds of antibiotics/sprays all doctor prescribed. Nothing is helping. We are now believing it has to do with mold. Looked up conditions and I came up with Fungal Sinus Infection and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this condition.


Posted by @dazyaday, Oct 18, 2011

My dtr has suffered from Fungal sinus infection for 7 yrs,not sure if her seizure meds play apart or not,but this yr has been much worse,I think due to the dampness and mold in our basement(weather related),but not sure of the real cause,her's involes ear aches,constant sneezing/runny nose,and foul breath/ear oder which I'm sure is due to the fungal infection, like you,we have yet to find a cure.


Posted by @sialorrheasufferer, Dec 26, 2011

I have had what some doctors have called a fungal infection and others a sinus infection and others colitis and others a kidney infection and others.... No one seems to know what it is, but I got it on a visit to central Mexico more than two years ago. I spit 5 oz to 3 lbs. of foamy, gluey mucus a day, 24/7. I have NO appetite and horrible insomnia. I can tell you that Fluconzaole for 8 months made nearly all my hair fall out and did not reduce the mucus at all. I can tell you a hundred things that do not help at all, especially Kaiser and local Arizona doctors. My latest guesses are that I was poisoned or that I caught cystic fibrosis. If anyone has any ideas what to try, I'm desperate. Please help.

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