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Frozen shoulder

Posted by @lauralea in Just Want to Talk, Dec 4, 2012

I had rotator cuff surgery last Aug 2012 and have since had frozen shoulder neck pain. Still taking pain meds, seeing a chiropractor who does acupuncture and trigger point release. Condition has me quite anxious and depressed. Can anyone relate?

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Posted by @amyw, Jan 3, 2013

I feel like i am in the same boat. The whole experience has been worse than the original injury. My rotator cuff was "repaired" in mid-September, and I have had frozen shoulder about a month. I saw the Doctor today, and he is supposed to schedule a cortisone shot in the hospital next week. Did you try this yet?


Posted by @lauralea, Jan 3, 2013

I had two rounds of neck injections which only lasted 2 weeks at a time. One week ago my shoulder recovered about 75 % motion range. I saw my doctor who said to just keep up my exercises at home at my own pace. He said it takes 7 months for the arm to heal after rotator cuff surgery. I'm still hurting and unable to straight arm raise more than about ear level, but this is a huge improvement over where I was 2 weeks ago. I told him how many people are posting extreme suffering after this surgery and he seemed surprised. He said true frozen shoulder lasts about a year and a half. He said exercises from now on will be needed to regain range and retain it. The one thing that helped me the most was my tens machine that I kept on with moving the patches around to get movement in those muscles. I slept with it on for more than 4 weeks. Otherwise I don't think it would have loosened up.

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